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I'm just a mom, standing in front of the checkout, asking for coupons.

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My name is Joyce and I'm a proud, single mother of three wonderful daughters. Besides hanging out with my girls, some of my favorite things are walks in the park, having fun at Disneyland, and hanging out with my adorable cat. If raising three daughters has taught me anything, it's how to find great deals, great recipes, and fun finds that work for a mom's tight budget. 


My blog mainly focuses on sharing fantastic deals on both practical & fun items through active links and printable coupons. I also feature product reviews and videos to help you save money, too.l


I hope you enjoy my blog and may the deals be ever in your favor! 

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Blog & Author FAQ's

Do you make money from advertisements?

Yes, I do make a small commission on items and promotions through my affiliates. However, I want to assure you that I only take on trustworthy, reliable sites that my users can trust. I am not a spam-bot or a computer sending out whatever links I can get my hands on. I take the time to vet the sources and post what I feel are great deals & low prices for a variety of items to appeal to family and tight budget living.

Do you have to give positive reviews in exchange for free items?

No, I hold no obligation to guarantee a positive review to any company or affiliate. You will always receive my genuine and honest opinions of products that I review. I worked for years in customer service and I have spent years raising children - I know how dissapointing it can be to invest money into product and realize it's nothing like described. Integrity is one of my core values as an online contributor and blogger. If you see a positive product review on my site, I whole-heartedly support it.

Are all of your reviews for free products sent to you?

No, actually. Many of my reviews are simply about products purchased by my family and I that I wanted to share my thoughts on.

Where can I find more photos of your adorable cat?

Ah, yes. Our cat, Odis Whitmeyer III (Odo for short), is truly the center of our family. I've always known he was a unique little fellow and an undeniable sweetheart. You can follow @odiswhitmyerthethird on Instagram for more high-quality cat content.

Do you have social media pages that I can follow for quick-deals access?

Absolutely! My social media handles and contact information are provided at the bottom of every page on my site.

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