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25 Alternative Ways To Use Dryer Sheets

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25 Alternative Ways To Use Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets keep our clean clothes smelling great once we pull them out of the dryer. But did you know they have a ton of other uses? They can be used for anything from cleaning your house to keeping your shoes smelling fresh! The best part is once they have done their work in the dryer they can be used in a bunch of different ways.

Check out these 25 ways to use dryer sheets other than in your laundry room:

  1. Pet Fur: Pick up pet fur around your house, on your clothes and in your pets area

  2. Dusting Cloth: Dryer sheets are great for dusting around the house and leave a clean scent as you go

  3. Shoe Deodorizer: Slip one in each shoe and leave overnight. It will soak up the smells from the inside lining and keep your shoes fresh

  4. Windshield Cleaner: Use a sheet or two to wipe off any dead bugs or dirt off your windshield

  5. Drawer Freshener: Slip a few sheets into your drawers to keep your clothes smelling great

  6. Clean The Bathroom: Wipe down your shower, sinks and toilets with a dryer sheet to get a sparkling finish

  7. Cabinet Doors: Dryer sheets are great for getting grime and grease off of your cupboards in record time

  8. Pillow Freshener: Slip a sheet in between your pillowcase and pillow to keep your pillow fresh and smelling summery

  9. Freshen The Diaper Bag: Pop a few sheets in your diaper bag to keep it smelling good. Also, wrapping one in a dirty diaper can really keep the smells at bay

  10. Gym Bag: Can’t stand the smelly sweat socks after the gym? Throw in a dryer sheet and banish the smell

  11. Bug Repellent: Bugs really aren’t a fan of scented dryer sheets! Put one in your pocket or a few on your deck to keep the bugs away

  12. Scissor Greaser: Dryer sheets are great for reviving old scissors! Rub the blades (carefully) to give them new life

  13. Removing Deodorant From Clothes: Rubbing a sheet on those pesky deodorant stripes will make them disappear

  14. Remove Nail Polish: Dryer sheets make a great tool to get leftover nail polish off

  15. Eyeglass Cleaner: Use a dryer sheet to clean off the smudges on your glasses

  16. Trash Can Assistant: Tape a dryer sheet to the bottom of your trash can. It will not only freshen it but it will soak up any liquids that have leaked

  17. Paintbrush Cleaner: A wet dryer sheet will take latex paint off paintbrushes to make for an easy clean up

  18. Swiffer Replacement: Instead of using Swiffer refills you can use dryer sheets as a cost-effective alternative

  19. Pan Cleaner: Can’t seem to get that burnt food off your pots and pans? Leave it overnight in the sink with a dryer sheet and some water

  20. Electronics Cleaner: Dryer sheets work great for cleaning dusty TV screens and computers

  21. Hair De-Frizzer: Hair can be easily de-frizzed with a quick swipe of a dryer sheet

  22. Baseboard Defender: Wiping a dryer sheet along your baseboards can help banish next day dust from settling

  23. Sticky Price Tag Remover: Dryer sheets can be a great tool to get off that stubborn price tag residue

  24. Chrome Buffer: Use a dryer sheet to buff chrome and leave it with a beautiful shine

  25. Untangle Thread: Rubbing a dryer sheet along your thread will keep it from tangling

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