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7-Eleven Has Peeps Flavored Slurpee

7-Eleven Home of the Slurpee, Big Gulp, and Big Bite.

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7-Eleven Has Peeps Flavored Slurpee

Peeps Flavored Slurpee's are rolling out for the Spring Season and we are already excited to try one for ourselves. We have only seen a few photos featuring this sweet grab-n-go drink which makes us wonder, Will the color of the Slurpee be white or red? Or, maybe a variation depending on your 7-Eleven location. We will have to wait and see as more 7-Eleven stores begin their Peep Slurpee Sales. Instagram @pegapar posted, "I'm not sure how to feel. Peeps are my favourite Easter candy, but I'm not sure if I would want to drink it". @7Eleven responds, "Oops. Someone got a peep of our Peeps Slurpee. The chick is out of the bag, but not yet in the machine. You’ll have to wait until Spring to try it! 🐥"

You can't fool us 7Eleven we know those sneak peeks are done on purpose. Either way, you know we want to try it at least once as our curious starts buzzing about any new snacking treat that hits the stores. You can find the nearest 7Eleven location hear you HERE

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