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Amazon | Perrier Sparkling Water in Watermelon 30-Pack

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Amazon | Perrier Sparkling Water in Watermelon 30-Pack

If you love Perrier water, we have a nice deal on it delivered right to your door! Get this Perrier Sparkling Water 30-Pack in Watermelon or Strawberry for $12.06.

This deal gets even better if you subscribe to five items this month. You’ll get 15% off, which drops your final price to $10.25!

  • 8.45 ounce/250 mL sleek Slim Can is ideal for on-the-go refreshment

  • Experience the delicious and refreshing flavor of watermelon with zero calories and zero sweeteners

  • Our invigorating bubbles and naturally occurring minerals make for a unique, thirst quenching taste

  • Perfect for any time of day, and serves as an extraordinary mixer for cocktails

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