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Bloggers | How To Make Money With FlexOffers While Working At Home

Bloggers | Work From Home | Affiliate Marketing

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Bloggers | How To Make Money With FlexOffers While Working At Home

Are you a blogger? Are you looking to start one while we are all staying home? I am going to talk about FlexOffers and provide you with information on how you can earn extra income by using FlexOffers and Affiliate Marketing to your advantage.

There are many ways that you can promote affiliate products but I have found the best way to do that is through a valuable blog post that teaches your reader something educational.

Many of us already have a blog or blog idea from tiny living, camping, fitness, fashion and/or pop culture. Whatever it is, you can use FlexOffers to help bring extra money.

I wanted to create something that was fast and easy to get started in very little time so my first project is blogging daily deals with large companies such as Amazon, Walmart and Kohl's.

Know what it takes to create a niche blog and ready to take the leap? These days it is pretty easy. They say to write about what you know. Star with your passion to get the ball rolling. Music, Cosmetics, Foodie, Travel and more! The sky is the limit.

Start your blog by following my step-by-step guide.

When I started this campaign, all I wanted to do was test the affiliate product to see if it would generate any interest. The quickest way to do that without a traditional blog was to create a small blog post and drive traffic to it to see if it would produce any sales.

Guess what happened next? I made six affiliate sales in the first 24 hours and went on to earn even more.

What Is FlexOffers And How To Sign Up With Them 

FlexOffers is an affiliate network that connects you to many reputable brand name companies who you can become an affiliate for.

FlexOffers has over 12000 world wide affiliate programs and are adding new ones each day.   

Some of their affiliate programs include companies like Walmart, Kohl's, Macy's, ShopDisney, BassProShop, Groupon and much, much more!

Popular Brand Categories Include:

  • Automotive

  • Business

  • Careers

  • Clothing and Accessories

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Credit Cards

  • Digital Products

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Entertainment

  • Financial Services

  • Health and Wellness

  • Lifestyle and Recreation

  • Home and Garden

  • Mobile and Online Services

  • Shopping

  • Travel

  • and More!

This means that there is a wide range of programs to suit almost every niche. 

To sign up with FlexOffers you do need your own website to get started.

From the above it would appear that even if you have very limited content on your website, as long as you explain how you are going to promote their products and are very detailed as to your traffic sources, this will give you a good chance at being accepted onto their platform.

Take note of this and take your time when applying for their program.

To start the application process click here. Once you get to the website click on Publisher Sign up.

Next go through the steps to complete your application.

There is no secret to getting accepted with and making money with FlexOffers but here are a few things you should know:

  • Give truthful, honest information

  • FlexOffers want people who know how they are going to promote their products. So have a plan and be sure to be as detailed as you can when you state that plan in your application to increase your chances of being accepted.

  • Give accurate information. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. You can always contact them after you have submitted your application and inform them of the error.

  • Read their terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you can comply so as to avoid violations and termination of your account.

  • There is no cost to join FlexOffers

What Are The Best Products To Promote With FlexOffers

In my view, the best products to promote are the cost per lead products.

Cost per lead, means that you will earn a commission when your traffic opts into the advertiser’s product form providing their name, contact details and other information which the advertiser requires from the lead.

This means that your audience is not required to make a purchase in order for you to receive a commission.

I find that cost per lead programs are one of the easiest ways to make money from affiliate networks as all that is required is for the lead to enter their information which is a much easier, no obligation task for the lead to perform as opposed to taking out their credit card and buying a product.

To find cost per lead items, once you are in the FlexOffers Publisher area, click on Advertisers then Search Advertisers.

Scroll down to Payout Type then tick the Cost Per Lead box and click on Search.

This will bring up all the affiliate programs that are paid on a cost per lead basis.

If you want to filter the search results based on your niche, you can enter keywords or select categories to help you narrow the search results.

How To Promote The Affiliate Product Through A Blog Post

You can promote an affiliate product by linking directly to the affiliate program but I find that the best way to make money with FlexOffers and well, any affiliate product is with valuable content.

Valuable content allows you to educate and inform your visitor about why they should take a particular action. People are more likely to act when you teach them something and they understand why the action is necessary, both as a benefit to them and what could happen if they do nothing.

A popular way to blog is write an educational blog post that recommends the affiliate program (kind of like this one you’re reading). So when your audience clicks through to your links, they are taken to the affiliate program where they are only required to enter their details once.

Whatever way you decide to promote the program, I recommend that you always use your own landing page before sending the traffic to the affiliate program.

What this allows you to do is:

  • You can either capture your traffic’s information by using your own lead capture page. This will help you build an email list to which you can remarket and follow up with the lead.

  • You can add retargeting pixels to your landing page, which will allow you to retarget and remarket to your visitors.

Don't worry if this all sounds foreign. Blogging and affiliate marketing takes a little time to get use to especially with the lingo. If you ever need to know something more, there is thing little site called Google!

How To Get Traffic To The Affiliate Program

There are many ways that you can get people to see your promotional content. You can get traffic from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest or search engines. The odds are you are already pretty savvy when it comes to social media as most are these days.

And Easy Way To Earn!

Earnings per click is a metric provided by affiliate programs that give you insight into the estimated earnings that you can achieve for every 100 clicks you send to the affiliate program. Luckily for you, Flexoffers is able to connect you with these affiliate programs and the metric is determined by the average earnings earned by affiliates over a certain period.

Other Features of FlexOffers

Dedicated affiliate manager. I have an affiliate manager who helps me find the most suitable affiliate offers. They are also the go-to person if I wish to negotiate an increase in my commissions.

Ease of access. FlexOffers has online chat support features and you can reach their office by email or by telephone if you have a question. I have not had a problem speaking to someone although at one point I did have to follow up with their Accounts department after not receiving a response for seven days.

During the follow up, they answered my questions satisfactorily and were helpful in addressing my concerns.

Reliable payment. Although I am not a fan of their Net30 or payment when they receive commissions from the advertiser, they are reliable. I started with FlexOffers in January and received my commissions for the month of February at the beginning of April. This is usually the case with most affiliate networks. Some pay you on Net30 terms and others pay you on Net7 terms. I must add however that FlexOffers do have Net7 payment terms but you must have sent them quality traffic for two months and earned at least $5000 in affiliate commissions during each month.

Ease of payment. You can receive your affiliate commissions via PayPal or if you live in the US you can receive payment via check or direct deposit.

FlexRev-$hare. FlexOffers has a referral program where if you refer publishers who are approved, you can earn a percentage of their affiliate sales.

Anyone can make money with FlexOffers

They are a trusted affiliate network that provides thousands of affiliate programs that you can promote for a commission.

It’s a great revenue stream for bloggers and marketers who are looking for high quality brands to promote on their blogs or website. This is a great time to start putting your own thoughts and idea to work for you. Staying home is pretty much everyone's new way of living these days with online shopping at its highest peak. Gear up now and be ready to earn extra income with major events in 2020 like homeschooling, Black Friday, Halloween and Christmas. You will be a pro in no time.

Click this link to get started with FlexOffers

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