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BoxLunch PreSale | Funko Pop-Tarts Card Game

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BoxLunch PreSale | Funko Pop-Tarts Card Game

About this Deal

It's a race to grab the most Pop-Tarts from a parade of pastries lined up between the freezer and the toaster. On your turn, eat the Pop! Tarts cards at the front of the line. Before taking a bite, though, you can play action cards to move Pop-Tarts around, create delicious combos, or reverse the direction they're going to improve your chomping chances. After all Pop-Tarts are gone, the player who "ate" the most points wins!

Price: $12.90 at BoxLunch

Contents: 1 Arrow Card, 1 Toaster Card, 1 Freezer Card, 1 First Player Card, 6 Reference Cards, 60 Pop-Tarts Cards, 45 Action Cards, 6 Plate Cards, 15 Bonus Cards, and Instructions.

  • Ages 13+

  • 2–6 players

  • 15-minute gameplay

  • Imported

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