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Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis Set

Turn Your Dinning Room Table Into A Tennis Table For Indoor Fun

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Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis Set

Amazon is offering the Champion Sports Anywhere Table Tennis Set for $23.47 + Free Shipping

  • PLAY ANYWHERE : Our innovative net posts clamp onto table tops measuring up to 75 inches across and 1.75 inches thick so you can start a game any time

  • EXPANDABLE RETRACTABLE NET : Lightweight mesh netting can easily be stretched and retracted for quick setup on almost any surface and simple storage after the game; a great replacement for older nets

  • 2 PADDLES INCLUDED : Our wooden rackets are lightweight and easy to grip with rubber surfacing that has just the right amount of tack for both spin and control

  • EASY STORAGE : With a compact, no tangle design and an included mesh carry bag, the net and posts are easy to store, keeping them safe and sound between matches

  • OUT OF THE BOX PLAY : Includes all the equipment you need to start a game right out of the box; 2 rubber blades, a blue paddle and a black paddle, a ball and 2 replacements, and the retractable net

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