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Cheetos Mac N' Cheese Are Now Available At Walmart

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Photo courtesy of Cheetos

You just can't stop Chester Cheetah!

Social media awoke this morning to the excitement of a new arrival to your local grocery store. Yes, you are seeing correctly! Cheetos Mac N' Cheese is here to tempt your taste buds with a new side dish treat.

Photo courtesy of Cheetos

The new boxes of Cheetos Mac N Cheese use the proprietary Cheetos seasoning and come in three flavors: Bold and Cheesy, Cheesy Jalapeno, and Flamin' Hot.

You can pick up these boxes at Walmart stores nationwide, and they're also available for order online through Walmart. If you find this new and very popular product sold out on line, you will have to take a few trips to your local stores to stock up. You may want to pick up a few extra for show and tell for your friends and family.

Cheetos plans to roll them out to even more retailers in 2021. They're available in a box or single cup format at a suggested retail price of 98 cents, putting it on par with longtime standards in boxed mac and cheese like Kraft when it comes to cost.

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