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Commemorate Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary At Stone Cold Creamery

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Commemorate Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary At Stone Cold Creamery

This year marks the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., so it only seems appropriate that there would be cake. To celebrate the occasion, Cold Stone Creamery has announced a collaboration with Nintendo that includes a trio of novelties based on the Mario family. These include a Rainbow Road Rally ice cream cake, Mario's Super Star Shake, and Mario's Birthday Blast. Images of all three novelties can be found in the Tweet embedded below. Mario Kart fans will be happy to know that the Rainbow Road Rally cake does come with the toys pictured, making it the perfect gift for any Nintendo fan's special occasion!

Even if there isn't a special occasion, Mario fans might not be opposed to grabbing some ice cream between gaming sessions! While the Rainbow Road Rally cake is clearly the highlight of the line, Mario's Super Star Shake and Mario's Birthday Blast both seem like more casual fare. All three items are now available at participating Cold Stone Creamery locations. Those interested in scooping one up can find a store locator right here.

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