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Country Time Lemonade is Offering $100 to Kids Who Can’t Run a Lemonade Stand

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Photo Credit: Country Time Lemonadge

Country Time Lemonade is Offering $100 to Kids Who Can’t Run a Lemonade Stand

Once again, Country Time Lemonade is turning lemons into lemonade! You may remember in the past that they paid the fees of kiddos who have been fined for running their lemonade stand illegally.

This year, kids are finding themselves in a different situation – not being able to have a lemonade stand at all due to the nationwide pandemic. To help with this, through August 12th, Country Time Lemonade is offering $100 in “bailout money” to kids who are missing out on this classic childhood fun.

In order to be considered, children under 14 must write an essay about how they would spend the money to stimulate the economy if they were to receive it, and include a photo of the sign they would have used for their lemonade stand.

Parents or legal guardians aged 18+ (19+ in Alabama and Nebraska) must go here to submit the application on behalf of the child.

Additional requirements stipulate that the essay must be 255 words or less and it must be written in English. Applications are limited to one entry per household. 1,000 winners will be chosen randomly from entrants who have met all the requirements. You can head over here to read the official rules.

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