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Crystal Light Drink Mix, Variety Pack, On The Go Packets, 44 Count

On The Go Packs For Your Busy Schedule

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Crystal Light Drink Mix, Variety Pack, On The Go Packets, 44 Count

Enjoy low- and no-calorie drinks on the go or at home. Our refreshing fruity and tea flavors are available in powder or liquid you can mix with water.

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  • One 44 count package of Crystal Light on the go variety Pack powdered drink mix

  • 60 milligram of caffeine per packet of wild strawberry flavor for a boost of energy

  • Powdered fruit drink mix packets are small and easy to pour for on the go convenience

  • Individual packets ideal for adding fruity flavor to a standard 16.9 fl. Ounce water bottle

  • Variety of fruit flavors for a bright, energizing taste

  • Made with ZERO sugar and 5 calories per serving for guilt free refreshment

  • 90 Percent fewer calories than leading beverages; this product 5 calories, leading beverages 70 calories

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