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Disney Color Brain, The Ultimate Board Game

Let Family Game Night Begin!

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Disney Color Brain, The Ultimate Board Game

Amazon is offering Disney Color Brain, The Ultimate Board Game for $9.69

  • Test your Disney know-how: can you remember the color of Princess elsa’s eyes in frozen? How about the color of woody’s vest in toy story?

  • A rainbow in your hands: in this Disney board game, all the questions can be answered with one (or more) of the 11 color cards in your hand.

  • Who will live happily ever after: put down the right color and wait for the other teams to slip up. The first team to score ten points are the winners!

  • From Peter pan to pumba: includes 250 questions from over 20 Disney films. So, whether you're a Mulan master or a Hercules hotshot, there's something for everyone.

  • 44 color cards, 250 question cards, 4 color capture cards, scorepad, instructions

  • A board game for the whole family: works with anywhere between 2-20 players and can be played by ages 8 and up.

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