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Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig | Single-Serve, Pod-Based Cocktail, Spritzer & Brews Maker

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Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig | Single-Serve, Pod-Based Cocktail, Spritzer & Brews Maker

Enjoy Your Favorite Single-Serve Craft Cocktails All at the Touch of a Button. Effortlessly Crafted to Perfection. Treat Yourself With a Drinkworks Cocktail.

Keurig has reinvented your countertop once again with the Drinkworks drinkmaker. Discover a remarkable night in with friends and family, while enjoying the limitless possibilities of freshly-made, bar-quality drinks, on-demand.

With each cocktail, Drinkworks dispenses the spirits, water, carbonation and other ingredients simultaneously, mixing them as they cascade into your glass. Pods contain alcohol and are sold separately.

Flawless bartending, every time. Just like any professional bartender, your Home Bar knows how each drink is meant to be made. Drinkworks recognizes each pod to calibrate precisely how much water and/or carbonation is needed

The Drinkworks Home Bar beverage pods come in tubes of four, with a variety of drink options:

  • Classic Margarita

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Daiquiri

  • Long Island Iced Tea

  • Mojito

  • Moscow Mule

  • Old Fashioned

  • Whiskey Sour

  • Strawberry Margarita

  • Mai Tai

  • Rose Spritzer

  • Lemon Bubbly

  • Red Sangria

  • Peach Sangria

  • Vodka Lemonade

  • Whiskey Cola

  • Vodka Soda w/ Lime

  • Gin & Tonic

  • Stella Cidre European Style Cider

  • And more

For carbonated cocktails, Drinkworks can carbonate each beverage to order, so every Gin and Tonic comes out beautifully bubbly and undeniably fresh

Never worry again about shaking or stirring. Drinkworks Quick Cool KOLD Technology is always ready to deliver a perfectly-mixed cocktail at the perfect temperature, every single time

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