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Dunkin’ Will Close 450 Locations by the End of 2020

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Dunkin’ Will Close 450 Locations by the End of 2020

Dunkin' is set to close 450 locations permanently by the end of 2020. The shops are ones located at Speedway gas stations (mainly on the East Coast). The decision comes after the coffee chain ended its partnership with Hess, which was acquired by Speedway years back.

The move will allow Dunkin' to focus on its 'Next Generation' restaurant design, offering a broader menu and improved experience. The brand also plans to continue expanding its presence at convenience stores, gas stations, airports, college campuses and more.

Very few Dunkin' locations have yet to close as of now, but the company says they are on track to have the 450 planned shops shuttered by the end of this year.

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