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Earn Extra Cash With DoorDash | How To Sign Up As A Dasher

Need More Cash? Work when you want with DoorDash!

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Earn Extra Cash With DoorDash | How To Sign Up As A Dasher

What is DoorDash

Available in over 4,000 cities in the U.S., Canada, and Australia, DoorDash is about connecting people with possibilities: bigger savings accounts, wider nets, stronger communities, and happier days. We empower local businesses and local drivers (called Dashers) with opportunities to earn, work, and live. As a Dasher, you can be your own boss and enjoy the flexibility of choosing when, where, and how much you earn. All you need is a mode of transportation and a smartphone to start making money. It’s that simple.

Why deliver with DoorDash

Earn extra money for your goals Achieve your short-term goals or long-term dreams by driving or biking with DoorDash. Choose your own hours Unlike full-time jobs or seasonal gigs, when and where you work is totally up to you. Freedom to dash anywhere Deliver near your home or in a city you're just visiting. Easy to get started Don't worry about car inspections or vehicle restrictions. Just sign up and receive everything you need to start earning. Receive deliveries right away Once approved, log on to the Dasher app to receive nearby orders immediately. Know how much you'll make Clear and concise pay model lets you know how much you will make before accepting any order.

Sign up deta ils


  • 18 or older

  • Any car, scooter, or bicycle (in select cities)

  • Driver's license number

  • Social security number (only in United States)

  • Final Step: consent to a background check

How to sign up

  • Submit application

  • Choose driver orientation

  • Complete sign up

  • Get the app and go

Earn Extra Cash With DoorDash | How To Sign Up As A Dasher

Start Dashing

Tap "Dash Now" to start receiving orders in your area right now or use the “Schedule” tab to set times for later.

Accept orders

We’ll automatically send you orders with the full distance and guaranteed pay. Just tap “Accept” and it’s yours.

Pickup and drop off

In-app instructions will guide you from picking up the order to delivering it to the customer.

Get paid

We’ll deposit money into your bank account each week. Track it in the “Earnings” tab in your app.

Sign up at DoorDash today and start cashing in!

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