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Elf On The Shelf Fans, Look! It’s Peep On A Perch!

Pour me a tall class of milk! I am ready!

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Peep On A Perch

Love Elf On The Shelf? Now there is Peep On A Perch. Grab yours while they are still in stock at Amazon for $17.81. 

Also available at Target

Peep on a Perch is the newest holiday tradition around!

  • Peep on a Perch is a book and plush boxed set that makes the perfect Easter gift.

  • The storybook, perfect for boys and girls ages 3 to 7, tells how the Easter Peep assists the Easter Bunny every year.

  • The adorable Easter Peep helps decorate eggs and fill baskets, and sees all the acts of kindness a child does in the days and weeks leading up to Easter

  • .The soft plush Easter Peep included in the set can be perched anywhere throughout the home.

  • Children will be proud to have the Easter

  • Peep watch them being good all day as they get ready for bed without making a fuss, help out around the house, and use good manners.

  • And the more kindness the Easter Peep sees, the happier the Easter Peep gets! PEEPS® fans of all ages will love to make this a new Easter family tradition.

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