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FREE 60-Day Premium Membership to Daily Burn

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FREE 60-Day Premium Membership to Daily Burn

Daily Burn’s program of unlimited, streaming workouts make it easy to stick with. Tuning in every day, customers encounter encouraging trainers and a new workout, and are instantly a part of a supportive fitness community. They can choose from over two thousand expertly led, energizing video and audio workouts at every level, with a training type for every body—cardio, yoga, dance, Pilates, or strength. And it’s never difficult to get going, with workouts

Stream unlimited workouts from Daily Burn Attend streaming sessions and watch recorded workouts Over 2,000 workout video types, including:

Group workouts 1-on-1 training Yoga Barre Muscle Building Pilates Available on any connected device, including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire

Gain access to an online community to chat directly with trainers and other Daily Burn members All workouts are downloadable.

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