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Free Goodyear Car Check ($150 Value)

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Free Goodyear Car Check ($150 Value)

Now thru 7/31, Get a Car Care Check Service for free over at your nearest Goodyear.

What's Include in the Free Car Care Check:

  • Tire Check:

  • Visual check of the tire condition

  • Tread depth

  • Tread pattern

  • Air pressure

  • Brake Check:

  • Visual inspection of brake pads and rotors

  • Hoes and drums inspection

  • Calipers inspection

  • Wheel cylinders inspection

  • Brake hoses inspection

  • Master cylinder and brake fluid level inspection

  • Battery Check:

  • Battery voltage test

  • Fully charged batteries should measure 12.6 volts or above

  • With engine running, voltage should measure between 13.7 to 14.7 volts

How Much Does a Standard Checkup Cost?

Typically, for a standard vehicle inspection, you can expect to pay around $150 to $250. So, that should make this free service roughly a $150 value! See more info here.

Limited Time Offer

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