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Free Penbook At Microsoft

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Free Penbook At Microsoft

About this Deal

Take notes, plan your day (or year), draw a sketch, or do your math homework with Penbook Right now, get it at Microsoft for FREE


  • Lots of ruled and squared paper stationery for writing

  • Stationery for planners, checklists, and calendars

  • Creative stationery types like penmanship, calligraphy, and sheet music

  • Drawing stationery, like perspective and isometric guides

  • Device templates for mocking up your next big app

  • Draw plays on baseball, hockey, soccer, football, and basketball templates

  • Built for pens and the Surface Dial

  • Write on your own photos or PDFs

  • Insert images into our Penbooks, and draw on top of them

  • Keep your work organized with beautiful Penbook covers

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