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Great Pet Care | Free PetfetchID Tag

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Great Pet Care | Free PetfetchID Tag

Each tag is engraved with a unique code, which can be used to easily identify lost dogs and cats. Simply fill out the pet’s online profile, and rest assured your best friend is protected.

1. Get Your Tag

Your pet’s tag will feature a personal, pre-engraved ID number. Each tag includes lifetime access to PetfetchID’s patented Pet Loss Retrieval Service.

2. Build Your Profile

Once you receive your tag, it’s time to create your pet’s online profile. In addition to basic contact information, you can include a picture of your pet, as well as any important medical or behavioral information.

3. Find Your Pet

Losing a pet is scary. But with PetfetchID, home is only a click away. Once someone enters your pet’s ID number at, you’ll be quickly connected using police-certified technology.

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