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How To Clean and Sanitize Legos

Spring Cleaning All Year Long!

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How To Clean and Sanitize Legos

Everyone loves Legos! These imagination driven, building blocks have been around forever and is still number one on most children's wish lists. Little hands and constant play means these little pieces of plastic need a good wash every once in awhile. There are a few easy ways to do this to help your child's toys stay clean for many years of play time.

Check out the list below for 3 ways to clean and sanitize Lego:

  1. Soap & Water: This is the easiest method of them all, as all you need is soap and water! Simply, fill a bowl with warm water and soap and let your bricks soak for at least an hour. Once they have soaked, give the extra grimy ones a scrub with a toothbrush. From there rinse all the Lego blocks with cold water, leaving no soap behind and dry with a towel or cool hair dryer.

  2. Dishwasher Or Washing Machine: That’s right! You can wash and sanitize Lego in the washing machine and or the dishwasher. You will need a mesh bag to hold on the Lego, making sure none will fall out between the holes. Make sure the appliance is on a gentle, warm (not hot) cycle before washing the Lego. For the dishwasher keep the bag on the top rack. After one cycle, your Lego will good as new!

  3. Magic Eraser: If you have white Lego pieces that have started to yellow over their time of use, try this trick! Grab a magic eraser and give each white block a good scrub. This will remove the yellow coloring or residue and leave them looking brand new. Make sure to rinse after scrubbing and let air dry before playing!

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