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How To Make Wooden Robots Kids' DIY Workshop

Lowe's Kids DIY Projects

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How To Make Wooden Robots Kids' DIY Workshop

Need a fun project to do with your kids? Former teacher turned DIY guru and mother of four Monica Mangin has some projects to keep them entertained. With some scrap wood and a few other items found around the house you and your kids can learn how to make wooden robots. You can view directly via YouTube Here

Lowe’s Kids Workshops Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Did you register for this weekend’s free kids workshop at Lowe’s?

On March 14th, Lowe’s was supposed to host a FREE DIY Kids Workshop for kiddos to build a Tabletop Basketball Game.

Unfortunately, we have learned that all workshops are canceled for the foreseeable future, including the Lowe’s DIY Tabletop Basketball Kids Workshop scheduled for March 14, 2020. Lowe’s apologizes for any inconvenience.

If you’d still like to complete the Tabletop Basketball project at home, the workshop are available for pick up at your local store, while supplies last. Contact your local Lowe's store for availability.

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