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How To Waterproof Canvas Shoes

Spring Cleaning All Year Long!

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How To Waterproof Canvas Shoes

Love your Canvas Converse and/or Toms shoes but hate to clean them? Me, Too! They don’t always hold up when it comes to fighting against rain or snow. The good news is there is a super easy way to keep your canvas shoes protected and it won’t break the bank! It may take a little elbow grease, but the process is well worth it as your shoes will be weatherproof!

The one product that makes this possible is beeswax! Who knew, right?

The best way to apply the wax, is to rub it over the entire canvas area of the shoe. Once the canvas is looking nice and waxy, grab a hair dryer! Use the hair dryer to go over the wax, this will help the wax form into the shoe and produce a protective layer against rain and snow. Once you have dried the wax on to the canvas, you should see no beeswax residue on the shoe. Your canvas shoes are now ready for any kind of weather!

Easy Peasy!

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