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Jane | Paper Soaps Pack of 2

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Jane | Paper Soap Pack of 2

For a limited time, Jane is offering this Paper Soap Pack Of Two which is perfect for on-the- go hand washing.

About this item:

Protect your loved ones with these fun Paper Soaps! Take Paper Soaps wherever you go to stay safe and clean. Just use water to wash, rinse, and dissolve. Paper Soaps allow you to wash your hands anywhere and everywhere with a small design that let you keep them in your pocket. Great for outdoor activities and the entire family! Very convenient for traveling and staying hygienic at all times.

There are 20 paper soaps in each container and they are available in 6 colors (Yellow, Blue, Pastel Blue, Green, Pink, Purple). Directions:

1. Hold one paper soap in dry hands. 2. Pour water on the hands. 3. Wash and rinse your hands for 20 seconds.

Stay Well, Stay Safe, Stay Clean.

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