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Just Free Stuff | Free Sample Of mmmints

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Just Free Stuff | Free Sample Of mmmints

Enjoy a Free Sample Of mmmints by filling out a short form.

Your sample will arrive in the mail in a few weeks for FREE

mmmints are Zero Calories, Sugar Free and taste great

As stated on mmmints website: 7 Years In The Making.

MMMint is the brainchild of our owner and CEO Joshua Morrison. While traveling the world and always enjoying local cuisine and also being in the tobacco industry for over 10 years he noticed that each country had its own way of cleansing the palate. It always seemed that some sort of mint or mint flavoring was involved. He agreed that mint flavoring may have been a great palate cleanser but the methods in which they were administered were dated.

There was nothing new and innovative that embraced his bold and adventurous nature. After eating a well-preserved steak in New York, a bowl of amazing ramen in Osaka or smoking a great Cohiba in Cuba to ruin those fruitful flavors with a basic mint that left your mouth dry and flavorless would be a sin. So he set out on a 7-year journey to find a company that could create a product like the world had never seen, all while keeping that familiar taste that so many had enjoyed.

Finally, in 2018, he came across a company that had the drive, technology, and vision to create MMMint. After many unsuccessful attempts and failed testings, they came up with a formula that captured the essence of mint and left the anyone who tried it feeling fresh and revitalized.

Grab your Free Sample Here

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