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Knoppers Wafer Candy Bar 8 piece – FREE at Walmart

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Knoppers Wafer Candy Bar 8 piece – FREE at Walmart

Many of you should be able to grab the 8 piece Knoppers Wafer Candy Bar for FREE at Walmart right now.  Check your ibotta rebates for Walmart to find your rebate for the full price of $3.38 cash back. What a great time to try these if you haven’t already. 

From the manufacturer

Knoppers is made up of five delicious layers of crispy baked wafers, milk creme, creamy hazelnut filling, and crunchy roasted hazelnut pieces. Topped with a touch of cocoa. Find Knoppers in the candy isle. Knoppers Milk Hazelnut Wafer Candy Bar, 8 piece pack, 7 oz. A popular German treat for over 30 years. these crispy wafers are filled with luscious nougat spread, crunchy hazelnuts, milk cream and topped with chocolate. A delicious five layer wafer sandwich for snacking. it’s an irresistible confection loved for its sweet taste and blend of texture.

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