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Kohl's | 12-Oz Yankee Medium Jar Candles

Hot Kohl's Deal ~ Limited Time Offer

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Kohl's | 12-Oz Yankee Medium Jar Candles

Kohl' has 12-Oz Yankee Medium Jar Candle (various scents) on sale 2 for $14.45 when you follow instructions below. Select Free Store Pickup where stock permits.

Note, availability for store pickup may vary by location

Choose Quantity of 2 of the 12-Oz Yankee Candles priced at 2/$27

  1. Proceed to checkout

  2. Enter $10 off $25 code SERVICE10

  3. Text the word SAVE24 to 56457

  4. Reply Y to agree to receiving mobile sale alerts

  5. Enter unique promo code received at checkout

  6. Total will be 2 for $14.45 + free pickup

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