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Oreo Trolls World Tour Cookies

The Pretty Packages Won't Be Hard To Spot!

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Oreo Trolls World Tour Cookies

On Feb. 18, Oreo took to Instagram to tease a new partnership with DreamWorks’ Trolls World Tour, which is hitting theaters on April 17. The excitement is real for many Oreo fans who can not wait to get their hands on these yummy snacks.

Instagram account @markie_devo posted a picture of the box of Oreo x Trolls cookies that was found by a fellow foodie.

The treat is made of golden cookies with “pink colored creme with glitter” in the middle, as described on the packaging. And speaking of packaging, there will be no missing the ombré pink, orange, and yellow pack with silver letters.

We have spotted Oreo Trolls World Tour Cookies at Target.

Check for stock at a location near you or order online.

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