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Pier 1 Announced Hundreds of Store Closings + Sale and Clearance Deals!

Great time to score some amazing deals while touching up your home decor.

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Pier 1 Announced Hundreds of Store Closings

Pier 1 Announced Hundreds of Store Closings

If you love Pier 1, you may not be happy about the recent news. Pier 1 announced it is closing up to 450 of its existing 942 stores. As with most top brand businesses, brick and mortar stores can not compete with the success of online shopping.

Have no fear! If you are looking for an update to your home, kitchen and/or bedroom you can still shop online. Pier 1 is holding its semi-annual clearance, which offers up to 70% off original prices online. Great time to score a bargain or two!

Also in the news:

“Along with the closings and lay-offs, Bloomberg reports that Pier 1 will also file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to the U.S. Courts’ website, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is often called “reorganization” bankruptcy and is usually filed by businesses. The filing allows companies to stay open while restructuring the corporation to hopefully keep operating in the future.”

You can view the full article here

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