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Sesame Street Snack Chats For Kids With Cookie Monster

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Sesame Street Snack Chats For Kids With Cookie Monster

Looking for more fun ways to help entertain your child while staying at home?

Sesame Street has launched a Caring for Each Other initiative due to the current stay at home requirements. "Children thrive with structure in their lives and they learn best through play—even in everyday moments like mealtimes and morning and evening routines. So our site is filled with content you can use all day long to spark playful learning, offer children comfort, and focus a bit on yourself, too," the description reads.

The initiative includes resources for families to reference about how to keep kids learning at home and how to create new routines for children to follow. Along with that, free e-books and other materials are being made available through Sesame Street on Apple devices, Google Play, and more.

One of the resources is a video that will air every Tuesday on YouTube and Facebook starring Cookie Monster himself. In the videos, Cookie Monster teaches kids about the importance of staying healthy in his own goofy way. At the beginning of the clip, Cookie Monster reminds kids to wash their hands before eating, and then goes through the different healthy choices they can make at snack time.

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