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Starbucks Lemon Cake Pops Are Back!

Springtime Favorites For You To Enjoy!

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Photo: junkfoodonthego

Starbucks Lemon Cake Pops Are Back!

Spring has sprung and we couldn't be more excited about the return of Starbucks Lemon Cake Pops.

The pops were spotted by Instagram account @JunkFoodOnTheGo who is just as excited about the re-release as you’d hope.

Starbucks Lemon Cake Pops have Returned!!!!” they wrote, alongside a photo of this delicious-looking lemon pop:

Tried these delicious cake pops last year when they first released and when I saw them again this past weekend I knew I had to get some again!! Deliciously sweet lemon white cake is covered in chocolate and a slightly sour/tangy & sweet sugar topping. Definitely worth picking up!!

Starbucks has even listed the pop on its official menu, so the odds of finding a lemon cake pop at your local Starbucks is pretty high.

Here’s the official description: “Lemon-flavored white cake, enrobed with a yellow zesty, chocolaty coating and a sweet-and-sour topping. This treat brings a bit of zest and refreshment to your day.”

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