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Starbucks’ New Glass Tumbler Is Topped With A Beautiful Gold Crown Lid

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Photo credit: Instagram @cherryandv18; @thestarbucks.oh

Starbucks’ New Glass Tumbler Is Topped With A Beautiful Gold Crown Lid

We can’t stop admiring this new tumbler that’s a perfect fit for your beloved coffee queen! The royal cold cup has begun popping up at Starbucks China locations with crazed popularity.

The tumbler, along with hot cups and mug versions, are apart of the 2020 Anniversary Collection that was released in September. The iridescent tumbler has a mermaid-like design and is topped with a gold crown, complete with a straw.

Check out what these Instagram Influencers below have to say about these new beauties.

Sadly, the fancy cups are only available in China. I know! I know! There are options to buy them online, such as through eBay, but you’ll be paying a premium for the coveted cups. Honestly, it might be worth it if you are a hardcore Starbucks Fan.

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