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Teachers | Here’s How to Get a Cheap or Free Classroom Pet

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Teachers | Here’s How to Get a Cheap or Free Classroom Pet

On August 1st, Pets in the Classroom will once again begin taking applications for the 2020 – 2021 school year! This amazing grant program provides teachers financial support to purchase and maintain small animals in their classroom – anything from a fish, hamster, gerbil, guinea pig, or parakeet. Even better, you can still qualify for the grant if you’re teaching virtually this year!

Note that this is not a first come first-served program – ALL teachers who qualify for the Pets in the Classroom program will receive a grant!

They do ask that you carefully consider what type of pet you want for your room as well as district guidelines and even suggest that you have your students vote on what type of animal they would prefer.

The Pets in the Classroom grant can be applied for every school year; however, if you have previously received the grant you will only be eligible for a sustaining grant to help provide for the classroom pet you have already purchased. If you no longer have the original pet, you can also use the sustaining grant to purchase a new pet and supplies.

Teachers, Pre-K through 9th grade, in both public and private schools are eligible to apply for the grants even if you’re teaching virtually!

Head here to learn more about the program.

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