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The Honest Company | 30% Off Diaper & Wipes Bundle

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The Honest Company | 30% Off Diaper & Wipes Bundle

About this Deal

Need diapers or know someone who does? The Honest Company is offering 30% off your first month’s DIAPERS AND WIPES BUNDLE for new customers through 7/8

Just add THE DIAPER BUNDLE to your cart and use coupon code SUMMER30 at checkout. Plus, shipping is Free on your order!

What You’ll Get:

(7) Diaper packs, 18-32 ct., – you pick the designs (4) Baby Wipes packs, 72 ct. Use: -30% off with SUMMER30

Total Due: $55.96 + free shipping

Choose a recurring SHIPPING FREQUENCY at checkout, but you can cancel your subscription anytime online.

Deal ends 7/8

Limited Time Offer Prices Subject To Change Without Notice

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