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The Yodelling Pickle is The Perfect White Elephant Gift

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The Yodelling Pickle is The Perfect White Elephant Gift

What’s better than a pickle that can sing? One that can yodel! Head on over to Amazon and score this Yodelling Pickle Musical Toy for just $11.61 (regularly $14.99)!

It would be such a fun addition to your Christmas White Elephant game! Or, if you have someone that’s hard to shop for, we’re guessing they don’t already have a yodelling pickle. And, with the included batteries, this pickle yodels for hours.

Plus, it has over 1,300 5-star reviews!

"We bought this for my uncle (my aunt’s husband) as a joke. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. His father’s Alzheimer’s was getting worse and worse and he would often end up in a nonsensical rage over little things. Somehow they got the idea to give him this, and he found it hilarious. So every time he had an episode, they’d discretely put this in his pocket and set it off, and he’d totally forget about what he was mad about and start laughing at the stupid yodeling pickle."

"This is the sort of toy that elicits two types of reactions: People back away slowly with a puzzled and slightly fearful look on their faces, or they laugh. Either reaction is perfect. My yodelling friends tell me that the yodel is quite authentic."

"Everybody needs a yodeling pickle. I gave my wife one for her birthday and it took the spotlight away from all other presents. Thanks to the Yodeling pickle I’m a hero."

Grab Your Yodelling Pickle Here

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