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World Distance Learning Day Discounts 2020

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World Distance Learning Day Discounts 2020

Distance education, also called distance learning, is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school. These days, distance learning has become the new norm as most of us continue to stay home. If you are required to join distance learning for your education or would like to take advantage of your time at home, there are many options to help get you started.


Gain access to thousands of exclusive online courses that will help them build your career and personal growth. Udemy is one of the leading marketplaces for online teaching and learning, offering a myriad of video courses taught by experts from around the world in industries like business, design, personal development, and much more.

For a limited time, students can save up to 50% off any Udemy course by enrolling at

Lenovo USA

Shopping for school supplies can simultaneously produce excitement and panic, and shopping for distance learning classes is no exception to this rule. While students will still need essential materials such as notebooks and pens, distance learning at home requires an important tool that enables online learners to connect to their class – a personal computer.

Lenovo USA grants access to a vast selection of laptops, desktops, and complete workstations designed with the latest technology for efficiency and durability that propels E-learners through any virtual assignment.

Teachers and Students Save An EXTRA 8% Sitewide On Top of Instant eCoupon And Savings. Exclusions Apply!

International Open Academy | Online Courses

Through the International Open Academy | Online Courses, learn real world skills through interactive online courses. From animal science and care, to event management and parenting, International Open Academy offers a variety of online classes that will allow students from all walks of life to achieve their personal and professional development goals.

Save up to 80% Online Courses! Learn Real World Skills Online. Start today!

AT&T Internet/Phone

Losing internet connectivity during an online class can be incredibly disruptive and may cause students to fall behind. Fortunately, the AT&T Internet/Phone gives online learners access to a cost-effective and reliable internet connection. AT&T offers a fast and consistent internet experience that allows children to stay connected during their school lessons without experiencing downtime. Now at, customers can obtain high speed internet service for as low as $49.99 for a year.

AT&T Internet $49.99/mo. for 12 mos. + $100 Reward Card Or donate some of your reward to Feeding America®

Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone grants online users the opportunity to learn as many languages as they’d like at their own pace. Rosetta Stone customizes its lessons to suit its user’s abilities and previous knowledge, ultimately helping them  become more fluid with the new language they seek to master.

Save Over $80 and Master Unlimited Languages with 12-Months of Rosetta Stone!

Groupon | Learn It Online Discounted Deals

Everyone knows school is cool, but too few realize how much cooler it can be when you don't have to climb out of your pajamas to go to class. That's just one of the many benefits of online classes, which come in a range of topics that can help you to explore a passion or advance a career.

The great thing about Groupon is that these discounted deals are offered on a daily basis and you don't have to wait for a sale to score an online course.

Online course deals include:

  • Academic Courses

  • Professional Skills Development

  • Career & Personal Development

  • Language Courses

  • Home Improvement Courses

  • Hobbies, Arts & Skills Courses

  • Online Fitness Classes

  • Health Courses

  • License, Certification & Safety

  • Kids Classes & Books


The Step-by-Step Learning Path presents the full curriculum in a carefully designed program of more than 850 lessons in ten levels. As your child completes each lesson, he or she is guided to the next one and is motivated to continue learning by's Tickets and Rewards System.

Special Offer: Up to 49% Off yearly subscription

Additional Resources


As schools around the world respond to COVID-19, the need for remote learning tools has never been more urgent. To make the transition to distance learning easier,Microsoft created resources, training and how-to guides that will help schools, educators, students, and their families as they navigate their “new normal.”


Perfect for the smaller kids! Crayola offers a large selection of FREE coloring and activity sheets for the kids. Print as many times as you like. You will also enjoy Parent Resource guides such as:

Explore Here

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